The Organizers of TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege

We are always looking for new faces to help TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege become a success. Our Team has no application deadlines and no minimum or maximum amount of people. We look for people who are passionate about making a difference.
If you want to be part of our team, send us an email at

Kevin Jeter ’20

Executive Organizer, Co-Founder

Kevin is an English and Economics double-major from Minnesota. His goal in hosting a TEDx event is to give a stage to those who have ideas worth sharing but nowhere to share them. Due to the classes professors teach or the classroom setting, their ideas are not heard. He wants to bring TEDx to Saint Michael’s College to allow these faculty, staff, and our greater community to have a chance to tell their story in a way that can inspire. Kevin wants to show that our community has ideas that are worth sharing and give a stage to those ideas.

Rachel Colletti ’20

Speaker & Attendee Communication Lead

R. Colletti Profile

Rachel is a Business Administration and Accounting double-major from Pennsylvania. From a young age, TEDTalks have fostered her motivation to create and promote positive change in her community. Rachel sees TED & TEDx Talks as a way to effectively spread positive messages, inspiring stories, and unique ideas. Being a part of TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege has helped her fulfill her dream of helping fascinating speakers spread their messages. She hopes that this TEDx event will inspire the audience just as many TEDTalks have inspired her.

Owen Sanborn ’20

Technology Lead

12936661_132508953812854_5196893095004567317_nOwen is a Biology Major from New Hampshire. He grew up watching TEDTalks online but found that there were no accessible live programs close to where he grew up. Owen wants TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege to bring the true TED and TEDx experience to the College. He believes that at Saint Michael’s College, every person can make a difference in the world: TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege will be his way of recognizing those who are unrecognized and providing a platform for new and inspirational ideas.

Hannah Achilles ’19

Social Media & Outreach Lead


Hannah is an Economics major and Spanish minor from Vermont. She wants to see TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege inspire students, faculty, staff, and community members while showing the power of sub-18 minute, idea-based talks. Her goal in this year’s event is to ensure speaker success and garner widespread attention from not only the College and the local area, but the greater community of Vermont and the North-East.